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What is Disney on a Dime?

Disney on a Dime is a book dedicated to helping anybody and everybody save money on a Walt Disney World Vacation.  Most Disney World guidebooks will tell a person what there is to see and do, but they don’t mention an important factor- money!  Disney on a Dime is focused solely on how to save money for and during your Disney World Vacation.

Disney on a Dime has helpful tips on how to save money on travel, souvenirs, hotel stays, tickets, and food.  By using the tips and secrets found in Disney on a Dime, a family can save hundreds to thousands of dollars on their next Disney World Vacation.  In the book, there are tips for individuals that just want to save a little on a hotel stay to those individuals that simply cannot afford to go if they book their trip through a travel agent and spend their money freely in the parks.  Everyone can save money with the proper planning and knowledge.

About Us

Chris and Kristal Carlson, the authors of Disney on a Dime, are long-time Disney World fans that have found creative ways to overcome the financial woes that are commonly associated with a trip to the greatest place on earth.  Chris and Kristal grew up in the Houston, Texas area, and they now reside in Northwest Arkansas along with their five children.  With the tricks that they share with their readers, the Carlsons have been able to go to Disney World on a consistent basis with a limited budget.

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